AR-15 Light Weight Straight Trigger

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Building on the original Super Match design, the Tactical Flat design yields truly remarkable and unprecedented trigger control, trigger feel and accuracy, while also retaining the rugged reliability of a Mil-Spec trigger group.


  • Factory-tuned for superior trigger pull
  • Fits mil-spec receivers
  • Simple installation

AR-15 Hammer and Trigger Pin Dimensions: 

  • Some Colt® AR type rifles have been manufactured with hammer and trigger pins and holes which are approximately .176" in diameter. These are referrend to as "large pin" Colts. This was done to make it more difficult to put M16 fire control parts into an AR receiver. This is not found in all Colt models, just some.
  • All other AR type rifle manufacturers have stayed with the .156" diameter hammer and trigger pins and holes, or "small pin" which is the same spec used in all military M16 rifles.
  • Measure your pins or the holes in your lower receiver to determine if you have a "small" or "large" hole Colt® AR
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