1-8x28mm First Focal Plane 34mm Elite Rifle Scope TR-MIL Reticle

Product Type: Optics
Manufacturer: ACME Machine
SKU: 08-019     UPC: 819537028025

Product Description

This optic is like newer styles of LPVO, or low powered variable optic, but its a bit different in the aspect that it is a FFP scope, or First Focal Plane. Especially at its price point. First, if you don't understand what a FFP scope is, or what it can do, it essentially allows you to zoom in on the reticle as you increase magnification. This allows the reticles subtensions to be absolutely true regardless of the magnification. So if the distance between each stadia line is 2 MOA, or Minutes of Angle, regardless of the magnification, it is 2 MOA. With SFP, or Second Focal Plane scopes, your range estimating reticles, are only calibrated usually for your maximum magnification. 

What makes this scope great, is that being a FFP scope, the reticle is very small at 1x. It is larger than a typical red dot, but it is smaller than an EOTech circle dot reticle. This kind of reticle will do very well in for short range work and be precise enough to work well at extended ranges for red dot use. When you crank up the magnification, the reticle gets larger and you can see more function to the reticle which will do well for more precision at extended ranges out past normal efficiency with a red dot. When you think about function though, a FFP for an LPVO makes a lot more sense. 

Detailed Product Review & Evaluation by: Osprey Group USA

Model TG-MIL
Magnification 1-8x
Objective lens diameter 28mm
Tube Diameter 34mm
Illuminated Reticle Red / Green
Field of view 3.2°- 0.85°
Eye Relief  3"
Exit Pupil  8.2 - 2.1 mm
Side Focus (SF) NO
Parallax  Setting 100
Adjustment per click 1/4 MOA
Adjustment Range 60 MOA
Color Black
Weather proof YES
Water proof 52° 10″ 3 MINUTES
Nitrogen filled YES
Unit dimension 14"
Unit weight 26 oz