Combo Of Hard Plastic 36 Slot Box Gun Parts Organizer Storage Box With Removable Dividers And Gun Cleaning Cloth ( 10" X 10" ) + 100pc Gun Cleaning 6 Inch Cotton Swabs Cotton Stick

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Manufacturer: ACME Machine
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Storage Box This Solid storage case is both portable and a practical jewelry storage box organizer, which is mainly made of durable non-toxic clear hard plastic material, and consists of 36 grids ideal for storing earrings, rings, beads and other mini jewelry. The dividers inside the box can be moved and adjusted to create your own size compartments. Besides, the storage box can also be used to store a variety of pills and a variety of small items - Being clear makes it ideal for quickly finding and organizing all small items, keeps you from not seeing whats in each compartment and digging through. - Very portable and easy to use clean and carry. Cloth Remington's MoistureGuard VCI/Blend is the most scientifically advanced formula for protecting and lubricating metal surfaces and equipment from rust and corrosion. Our special Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) provides the ultimate protection from the harshest of elements. Our formula is able to penetrate into the smallest cracks and crevices while our vapor technology blends with moisture and oxygen to stop rust and corrosion in its tracks. Our formula is designed for long term protection and should be the last application prior to storing any metal gear or equipment. SWABS : These swabs are made by a Certified US Government Contractor and are similar to those utilized by the service women and men of our United States Armed Forces. What is offered here is five variations to purge your firearm of performance robbing gunk and carbon build up. Defend your nation with a well maintained weapon!
  • Hard Plastic Storage Box To Organize Your Gun Parts While Cleaning
  • Removable Dividers Box
  • Cleaning Cloth Instantly shield your firearms from rust and corrosion, at home or in the field
  • 6" Handles made from White American Birch Wood.
  • Do not Tarnish Your American Weapon with Foreign Cleaning Cotton, Go American or Go Home.