Liberty Series Persuader Tactical Polymer ForGrip Handle

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Product Type: Grip
Manufacturer: ACME Machine
SKU: 14-806     UPC: 819537023426

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Product Description
Pistol Grip with Finger Grooves for defense Black is nice tactical tool. When you need to get a pistol grip on the situation at hand grab, rubber grips are molded from a durable synthetic rubber that is not spongy or tacky, but gives that soft recoil absorbing feel, without affecting accuracy. This modern rubber grip requires a completely different molding process than ordinary neoprene and results in a much superior grip. The material we use does not come apart or deteriorate and is resistant to all solvents and oils used around firearms. This pistol rubber grip gives you a lasting precision fit and durability that will provide years of dependable service. It is compatible with many aftermarkets. 


Product Features:

** Works like a champ for installation and removal as well

** Best durable, strong and great in purchase

** The Absolute #1 improvement you can make.

** The accurate design will actually drives the users hand up and into the receiver/grip junction

** High quality rubber grip kit fits military style