Single Rail Barrel Mount

Product Type: Mounts & Rails
Manufacturer: ACME Machine
SKU: 16-219     UPC: 819537024768

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Accurately machined Single Rail Barrel Mount features solid aluminum heavy-duty construction. With 2-piece smart design, it easily clamps onto the rifle barrels. Matte black durable finish can withstand harsh weather conditions. The lightweight Single Rail Barrel Mount is easy to install without any gunsmithing. The ring designed installing flashlight/laser, bit thumb nut allow fast installation.
  • Aluminum material, matte black durable finish lightweight, inexpensive, practical
  • 2-Piece smart design, easy installation, fitting around front sight housing
  • 2 x Slots, each 1.2" long width 1.4" weight: 1.2-ounce
  • Compatible with .51 to.78" diameter barrel
  • Designed to mount flashlight,laser, bipod on hand pistols,rifles and shotgun
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