RCBS Explorer Plus O-Frame Single Stage Reloading Kit

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RCBS' Explorer Plus Reloading Kit includes everything you need to start reloading except the caliber specific dies and shell holders.

Nosler's 7th Edition reloading manual provides excellent reloading instructions, and quick reference at the bench. The uniflow Powder measure ensures consistant charge weights, and the included digital scale allows you to very precisely measure out the perfect charge. A hand priming tool is included to quickly prime your prepared brass with very tactile feedback. Assorted case preparation tools ensure that all of your brass is uniform for maximum consistency and accuracy. Calipers are included to allow you to precisely measure case length, overall length, and bullet diameter

Specifications and Features:
Single Stage Reloader Special 5 Press
High Strength Aircraft Aluminum
O-Frame Design
30 degree Frame Offset
Frame Opening Size: 3-3/4"
Standard 7/8"-14 threaded die
Spent Primer Collection System
Priming Feature: Priming Arm with both large and small primer cups
May be upgraded to a progressive loader with the addition of the Piggyback-3 Conversion Unit (sold separately)

Uniflow Powder Measure
1,500 gr. Digital Pocket Scale
Nosler 7th Edition Reloading Manual
Hand priming tool
Universal Case Loading Block
Debur tool
Powder funnel
Case Slick spray lube
Powder Trickler-2
Advanced Powder Measure Stand
Powr Pull Kit
Stainless steel dial caliper
Measure cylinder (small)
6 die lock rings
#2, 3, 4, 10, 43 shell holders
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